The Koito cummerbund…

Rael @Angie's Koito-465-1

Happy Wednesday everyone,

I call this look …perfect excuse for not wearing dresses to weddings.

Well, most of my girlfriends are getting married this year. Seeing that I am not ready to get about seven new dresses that I will only wear once, I am finding ways to play around with the trousers and shirts and maybe shorts…

So when my friend invited me to her Kalenjin traditional wedding : Koito… A combination of my usual black and white with a cummerbund in the theme colors was perfect for the day. It’s amazing seeing what such a small piece can do to transform the look.

Photography by : Evans Ogeto

Cummberbund :  Omina Otsieno

Rael @Angie's Koito-7

Rael @Angie's Koito-465-3Rael @Angie's Koito-465-2

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Have a lovely week and thanks for reading….

Love & Love



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