Runway against cancer…@Dunga hills Kisumu city


My village called… see when you become of age and there is not a single sign of suitors coming home, your village calls! With possible solutions, of good men who are capable of taking care of you and the next generation that you will sire…men that will make your parents proud…men that will keep the lineage alive.

You don’t question the call. You stop everything and run back because you don’t want to test just how real curses are.

Photography by: Otieno Nyadimo

I am preparing to run home  on 3rd December, 2016 to help keep it’s lineage alive … It’s a fashion event ( thinking what am thinking..showcasing the best of what I have in character, looks and wardrobe? ). I can picture the baraza of wise men,sitting under a tree shed, rubbing their mustaches. I can see the despair in their eyes and just a little ray of hope in their voices, that this could be the moment they have been waiting for. Whistling birds in unison to affirm the purpose of the meeting. On the other hand, a parade of sweaty men. From a distance I can almost hear my aunties whispers, trying to come up with countable reasons why the problem is with me and what the big city has done to me.

Hold that thought! It’s a fashion for compassion event dubbed Runway Against Cancer !

A charity event that sets a platform for upcoming fashion designers as well as raise awareness about cancer. So, why exactly am I attending this event?

On that runway, there will be cancer heroes. Men and women who had the courage to look cancer in the eye, fought and came out victorious and are now living their dreams.Who doesn’t need their hope renewed having seen what cancer can do?

Health education on causes, early detection because no single cancer is the same as well as prevention. Various treatment options,biopsy, any foods and all that is involved.

I want to appreciate the upcoming fashion designers alluring work. Who know’s, Santa might land a whole year’s supply of clothing to #shesatomboy (wishes). To add to that, there is the entertainment bit of it and who can resist being on the beach.

See you there!


Love & love.



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