On that military note…

for shesatoboy-Telkom shoot-1-3

Nairobi’s unpredictable weather can bring out the sailor, swimmer, runner and mad man in you. We have all been caught unawares at some point in time in these moments (I know you are nodding in agreement or laughing at yourself).

Today’s outfit has been inspired by the being caught in the  unpredictable days. I have found myself on more occasions than I can count in flooded paths, or rained on in seemingly shiny days and every time the weather tricks me into wearing these boots, the days get really hot.

It’s an easy chic look to pull off, very comfortable and warm.So go ahead and embrace Nairobi’s unpredictability whichever way, you will be happy.

Photography: Evans Ogeto

Jacket and pants: Sunbeam

Boots: Bata Kenya

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20 thoughts on “On that military note…

  1. I love the moon sky pictures. It’s striking how different the color of the light is from the &#cl#6;artifi8ia2&18217; lighting.Hey, we were out on in the moonlight on that same night, riding! it was beautiful, but the sky here was clear, not all the cool clouds to bounce the light around on.

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