Ripped Jeans…



Happy Thursday everyone.

I have an attachment to these old pair of pants, I mean we all have that piece of cloth that has seen better days but we just can’t let go. The kind of cloth that you believe should have a million lives. So,I am giving 9 lives to this black pants, it has done two already now we are on to the third.

Our third life will be lived as ripped jeans. This is the closest I have come to a DIY project. I feel like a genius right now, just kidding. Back to the DIY, if you are  not convinced like I am on how and why you should go to a shop and buy ripped jeans, here is what to do… Do you have an old pair of jeans that still fits and you just can’t let go?

Pull it out of your closet, look at it, smile at it, hug it, look at it one last time. Then, grab your pair of scissors and make that cut wherever you are comfortable with. Then put it on… you feel different things. The best of it all is the boldness. You walk around in torn clothes feeling super confident… until you meet your mother !

Photography : Evans Ogeto

Shoot location: Limuru





7 thoughts on “Ripped Jeans…

  1. Haha i tried that with my mum tore my t-shirt and meet my mum the first question why am wearing a torn t-shirt told her ni fashion ile jicho nilipewa went back and wore another neat t-shirt

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  2. Hahaha mama be like”toa hiyo longi nikushonee”but all kidding aside I love me in those paired with my simple tee and a pair of converse…..Such a cool,casual yet sophisticated look.

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