Photographer :Evans Ogeto

Shoot location:K.I.C.C, Nairobi, Kenya.

Who doesn’t have that one dress that suits  all their  girly needs without much thought: a random date, a fine night out or better yet, one to flaunt in all your curves?

This is that dress for me, I have had it for about 4 years now 🙂 …my weight has not changed much in this period…and ooh the shoes, my one and only black pair of heels (That were bought for a friend’s wedding in 2013 😉 ).

Impressed? Let me know…Meanwhile I am accepting gifts in form of black heels :).







13 thoughts on “Impress…

  1. Stunner alert.This is your best look yet…….in my eyes anyway.If only my opinion mattered.
    Funke is probably having a wedding soon enlist as a brides maid to get another swanky pair of heels or better yet raid Bs closet
    All I can get you is converse coz those I have an eye for.

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  2. Question one…when are we going back to the Tomboy look?
    Question two…Where did you buy that dress? I need one for me in 6 months time.
    Question three…why do you look good in everything?

    Ok ok…now you look good that we agree, and yes I can relate I have that girlie dress that I can swop for any occasion even an interview.


    1. Answer 1 : very soon, keep refreshing your page 🙂
      Answer 2: I got the dress from one of those stalls in westlands just behind the bus park, can’t remember the name though
      Answer 3: Thank you…


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