Stuck on black…


This is the final black post…I promise!… unless of course I cannot resist the urge to be in black :).

We all have that favorite something,a dress, a pair of shoe, a handbag, you name it. We don’t notice how many times we wear those because they are just part of our daily lives. For me,that’s my black…

Black is like the place you visit year in year out, or the song you listen to over and over and just because I am a foodie ;), that food that you can never have enough of. Black is just never enough for me…

As for the pair of pants: Mum if you are reading this :), there is no shortage of clothes in the city, I succumbed to peer pressure… I see it everywhere

Photography by:  9th Wonder

shoot location: Savannah coffee lounge- upperhill








18 thoughts on “Stuck on black…

  1. I see shoes…..damn! My birthday be coming up soon and I know we are the same size, surprise a sister. Black looks good anyday anywhere and anywear. Keep up the good work siz. Ooooh the braids look good too.


  2. Wow, I love. I thought I was the only one who is in love with black. Rael come for the shoes you liked as long as you come with this pair. Looking awesome girl. Keep it up

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